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Acrylic cloth

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Awnings for terraces and winter gardens

Stainless steel tethered awnings for terraces

Our Wolkenbahn S and Wolkenbahn L offer perfect awnings and sun sails with stainless steel tethers, that offer highest stability.



You can use them for a low price for terraces, winter gardens and pergola. Our shading system is fully customized and easy to mount, so DIY is another money-saving factor with SPANNMAXXL sun shading systems. Our shading system based on stainless steel tethers is an awning system fairly easy to mount. We support you in planning with our PDF to learn how you take correct measures, that you can download at all times via our website. A special video explains you the different types of mounting. We are also happy to help you any time via telephone +49 (0)221 250 818 0.


Customized measurements for terrace awnings

Every project is different, as each terrace has individual measures. Therefore, we at SPANNMAXXL prefer to offer customized awnings rather than off-the-peg systems. This also includes our fabrics, which are customized by the millimetre in width. We also offer customized stainless steel tethers. You can screw these tethers easily to the base cylinders with a left- or a right-handed thread. The base cylinders are made of stainless steel as well. This technology keeps the tether tight just by screwing it into position. No tightener or special tools needed. It couldn´t be easier than this. Quality, design and usability are part of our mission.


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Advantages of SPANNMAXXL awnings


Pendular hooks

Pendular hooks

Our pendular hooks don´t need much space. For a roof area of 3 m in depth for instance, the overall width is only 12 to 15 cm. We offer normal pendular hooks or rolling pendular hooks, all available in our SPANNMAXXL online shop. Our shop is certified by Trusted Shops with an overall rating “excellent”.



Wolkenbahn S-100 is the perfect match for roofs up to 100 cm in width. 8 mm alu pipes offer stability while the pendular hook connects the stainless steel tether. Wolkenbahn L-140 is ideal for roofs up to 140 cm in width. It is also perfect for all open constructions like pergola etc. 12 mm alu pipes and clicking hooks connect it with the stainless steel tether.

Stainless steel base cylinders

Stainless steel base cylinders

Our base cylinders are made of high quality stainless steel and are screwed straight to the rafter itself. For wooden rafters it´s best to use hanger bolts. For rafters made of steel or aluminium we advise you to apply alternative types of mounting. SPANNMAXXL has conventient construction solutions for any type of roof.


Awnings for low prices

Buy SPANNMAXXL shading system for low prices for terraces, winter gardens and pergola. Our seasonal sale offers give you regular discounts on every SPANNMAXXL product from our range. Our sun blind system is easy to use, even easier to mount and weather-proof. The folding marquee system SPANNMAXXL can be used for all roof types. We designed our awnings minimal and reduced with a clean and neat layout. SKIA GmbH from Cologne has developed this sun shading system and every component is made in Germany and fully customized for each individual order. 

Europe-wide shipping

We ship SPANNMAXXL awnings europe-wide. Countries, we deliver are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Certified partner

Our shop is certified by our partner Trusted Shops and has the rating "excellent". Trusted Shops certifies online shops and offers buyer protection.

Easy mounting

Our SPANNMAXXL awnings are easy to mount and are fully customized. You can take the measures by yourself and enter them to our online configurator. We will produce your awning according to these measures and ship it to you. Mounting only takes a few minutes and is easy for DIY. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions. We are happy to help.

Awnings for any roof type

SPANNMAXXL produces awnings for terraces, winter gardens and pergola. No matter if your construction is made of wood, steel or aluminium - SPANNMAXXL has solutions for every roof type. Our stainless steel cylinders are screwed straight to the rafter and guarantee highest stability in any weather condition. All our components are made in Germany. We only use the best material for our awnings.

Seasonal sales

We offer seasonal sales on all SPANNMAXXL products. Use our discounts to save money for your SPANNMAXXL awning system. You can order online and take all measurements for yourself. SPANNMAXXL stands for highest quality made in Germany.

Design made in Germany

SPANNMAXXL awnings are developed by a team of German designers led by Knuth Hornbogen. Our design principle is defined through minimalism and reduction by satisfying highest quality standards. Our stainless steels tethers are tight just by screwing them into position. Stainless steel parts give SPANNMAXXL its premium and clean layout harmonizing perfectly with any type of roof.

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