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Acrylic cloth

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Sun blinds: low priced shading systems

Sun blinds: Low priced 

Our special discounts offer massive savings from our original prices. Configure your sun blind system online and save later by DIY construction.

Customized sun blinds for terraces

Our sun blinds and folding marquees by SPANNMAXXL don´t need a tightener to keep them tight and safe. No special tools are needed for construction. Every sun blind for self-construction is customized and low priced as well for maximum customer satisfaction. The stainless steel tethers hold our beautiful Wolkenbahn elements safe from harm and set new standards in terms of design and quality. Elegance by reduced design. Please click here for more details about our sun blind system.

Sun blinds by SPANNMAXXL
offer many advantages

Our shading systems Wolkenbahn S-100 and Wolkenbahn L -140 sun blind by SPANNMAXXL offer a series of advantages. Our stainless steel base cylinders are very easy to mount on all types of roof constructions - alu, wood or steel. Customized tethers for the sun blinds are easy to screw with a left-handed or a right-handed thread. The tethers are tight in seconds. Read more about our sun blind system in details.

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Advantages of terrace shading systems by SPANNMAXXL



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Sun blinds by SPANNMAXXL in Germany and Europe

Our sun blinds offer protection for more and more customers each year. Our Wolkenbahn S-100, Wolkenbahn L-140 and rolling elements are used for sun blinds for terraces, winter gardens and pergola. Our references show customer satisfaction for sun blinds by SPANNMAXXL. We are certainly proud of the fact, that our rating at Trusted SHOPS has been 5 stars for years now.


Types of mounting

Types of mounting

Terrace roof: shading with stainless steel cylinders

Our sunblinds are produced with high quality stainless steel base cylinders. In these cylinders, our tethers get screwed. The tethers are tight in seconds by this method. You can mount the cylinders on wood, steel or aluminium. Perfect for any roof type. Fairly easy to mount without any special tools. Anything goes.

Rope tension sunblind sets

Rope tension sunblind sets

Tether for rope tension sunblind

Each tether set for our sunblinds is customized for your individual measures and is ready for mounting at delivery. Every order is processed and customized manually, so you can be sure to achieve best quality by us. Screws, high quality stainless steel base cylinders and polished base shims are part of the delivery of our sunblind set . Once your set is delivered, it is ready for convenient mounting.

Pendular hooks

Pendular hooks

Pendular hooks for rope tension sunblinds

Our specially developed pendular hooks for the alu pipes connect tether and cloth in the most elegant way. The distance to the rafter of the cloth is only 12 mm. This guarantees maximum sun protection without any unprotected areas due to huge gaps between cloth and tether. Functionality meets high standard design.

Clean Design

Clean Design

Rope tension sunblinds without tighteners

No eye-catching tightener interferes with the clear design and the advanced layout of our sunblind. The tether is the only visible component in our construction. Therefore, no tightener has to be hidden by plastic covers. Minimalism and reduced design in perfection. SPANNMAXXL meets every expectation for modern sunblind systems.



Color fan for SPANNMAXXL sunblinds

Choose your individual favorite color with our special color fan for your shading system. The cloth is manifactured in Germany and offers best quality for your sun shading for terraces, winter gardens and pergola. Our color line represents style and good taste. Of course, all our textiles are weather-proof and long-lasting.


1. A sun blind for many occasions

Our high quality sun blind by SPANNMAXXL is suitable for almost any roof type. Perfect for terraces, winter gardens and pergola – the shading system by SPANNMAXXL is also ideally suited for sun sails and awnings in winter gardens. The tethers of our sun blinds are constructed parallel to the rafters of the roof. The tethers are tight in seconds by left-handed or right-handed threads. The sun blinds are easy to mount with this method.


2. Sun blinds made from high quality materials

In many cases, sun blinds are offered for cheap and in low quality. You can buy cheap sun blinds for under 50 Euro on the internet. Of course, you cannot expect any high quality for such a low price. Our sun blind system by SPANNMAXXL follows another approach. We are always looking for the best solution. Our approach includes high quality components for our sun blinds. Our tethers are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel offers the best quality and best protection from any weather conditions. A perfect match for our stainless steel base cylinders.


3. High quality sun blinds and sun sails in a modern design

Only the best material is good enough for high quality sun sails or sun blinds for terraces, winter gardens and pergola. Therefore, we select our partners carefully. Our stainless steel base cylinders are made in Germany for example. With all our partners, we are in long-lasting cooperations for years. Our tethers have been developed by specialists: we use this know-how to produce the best solution for sun protection and shading for terraces, winter gardens and pergola possible. The development of our custimized stainless steel tethers was crucial for advanced design and layout. A tractive force of 400 kg is no problem for our tether set.


4. Sun blinds for DIY construction – perfect for do-it-yourselfers

Most providers for sun blinds and marquees offer solutions for DIY construction. Our SPANNMAXXL sun blind is also fairly easy to mount. Our shading system is easy as can be to construct. You don´t need any special tools. Mounting of the tether system SPANNMAXXL is easy for everybody. Our mounting instruction is available to download 24/7. It is particularly important to take correct measures. Please have a look at our measuring info sheet to (download). The stainless steel base cylinders are screwed in the roof construction in seconds. The tethers go from cylinder to cylinder.


5. Marquees with rope tension for design lovers

Besides easy mounting and stability, design was a very important part in development of our sun blind system: a clean layout and design was one of our key targets. SPANNMAXXL shading systems are synonyms for best quality. Its reduced layout reflects minimalism and elegance. No screws or any other unnecessary elements are visible. Every single part of our sun blind system reflects reduction and style. Our SPANNMAXXL tethers are fully customized for your individual needs and are tight by screwing them to the base cylinders. Therefore, you don´t need to cover unnecessary elements with plastic covers. Pendular hooks, developed in 2012 for our sun protection system, connect cloth and tether in the most elegant way.

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